Access to this “arbitration club,” where we each represent different racial platforms across different jurisdictions, to open the door to more practitioners. One avenue is to address the socio-economic limitation for many entering our field with a focus on community building for young and mid-level practitioners.

To this end and unless deemed necessary, we will not charge a membership fee to join REAL.

We have a series of initiatives to enable “access” to international arbitration:

We are in the process of creating a scholarship for our members to attend arbitration events and training courses.  {to be developed here}



To create a level-playing field, we want to share knowledge on international arbitration.  {we can have the opportunities below built out to separate pages}

To go ahead in life it is necessary to have mentors.  We therefore are in the process of developing a mentorship program.  {to be developed here}

We want to share events that deal with diversity and where our members participate {we can build all the links on a separate page that we add here}

{list events here}

If you have a show case an event relating to diversity or where our members are speaker, please contact us.

Representation and inclusion in all forms are important.  Together we are stronger. 

We want to share all other local, regional, and global efforts dealing with international arbitration.  {we can build all the links on a separate page that we add here}


{to add links to other initiatives with their URL.  Below are some more to add:

  • ADR Inclusion Network
  • ArbitralWomen (AW)
  • Committee for Racial Inclusion in International Arbitration (CRIA)
  • NY Group
  • ABA Women in Dispute Resolution (WIDR)
  • Equal Representation Pledge in International Arbitration
  • Blacks in American Society of International Law BASIL}


If you have a diversity initiative that you would like us to share, please contact us. 

Advocacy to build awareness and spotlight the absence of racial diversity in our field. A second avenue is to address the lack of racial parity in arbitral appointments with a focus on community building with stakeholders — arbitral institutions, law firms, clients, third party funders, expert shops, and onwards.

Where we conceive of a relevant nexus, we build cooperation, and create change therewith.

#REALPARTNERS {institutional partners} {law firm partners}

Creating an inclusive environment requires participation from everyone involved.  Institutions have generally been on the forefront of supporting diversity initiatives.  REAL is proud of collaborate with the following institutions and law firms to deal with representation of underrepresented groups in international arbitration:

{to add institutions and their logos}

{to add law firms and their logos}



We are open to everyone! Please contact us!

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We are open to everyone! Please sign up!