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What is REAL?

Racial Equality for Arbitration Lawyers (REAL).

REAL is a group of global lawyers practicing in international arbitration and striving to achieve racial equality for arbitration lawyers.

We posit to you: If not here, then where?

This is one of the most dynamic, international and diverse fields to work in law – where our love of international law and cross-border disputes naturally mix an array of identities, cultures, and languages, in addition to many other factors.

Race and REAL stand at the center of this roundabout, where each member is an anchor.  Together we will achieve dialogue, action, and change.


  • #letsgetreal (who we are, what we do)
  • #therealdeal (member profiles)
  • #realtalk (interviews, honest dialogue) / #real-ly?
  • #realchoice (diversity materials, state of play, shifting norms) / #real-ity
  • #realopportunity (mentorship, scholarships)
  • #realsuccess (member success stories)
  • #realinclusion (intersectionality, diversity defined broadly)

REAL Friends and Partners

REAL is honored to have arbitral institutions, organizations, and think tanks from all over the world support us: